First Friday Rewind - Recruiting & Hiring
First Friday Rewind - Recruiting & Hiring
Recruiting & Hiring During a Global Pandemic & Beyond
Presented by Kyle Mishler | 1.0 PDH
Civiltech Engineering, Inc. is a Transportation Engineering firm with approximately 120 people headquartered in the Chicago region. The firm utilizes a number of strategies to recruit and retain talent. The Civiltech program starts with identifying the challenges of hiring talent in the current competitive environment, made competitive both by a historical lack of people in the industry and, most recently, by COVID restrictions. The company recognizes the different demographics of potential new hires-from new grads to young parents to seasoned professionals- acknowledging their unique interests, goals, challenges, and hot buttons. Civiltech utilizes social media to share company culture and expertise, employs a robust knowledge management program to enhance career growth, and provides not only outstanding benefits, but programs that enhance an individual’s career growth and work/life balance
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