Fundamentals of Engineering (aka EI Exam) Review Course
Fundamentals of Engineering (aka EI Exam) Review Course

Whether you are taking the FE Exam for the first time or 5th, our review class guarantees success! Our FE On-Demand Review Course review class combines quality instruction and live feedback with a customizable schedule that lets you set your own pace. Developed with the busy adult in mind, our classes feature teacher led videos, practice problems, personalized instructor interaction, and all the resources you need to pass your FE Exam!

This class has been specially created to prepare you for the computer based format. With new content questions and a new computer format, the exam is dramatically different. It is important that you prepare in the right way.

Instructor Laura Letellier, PE, brings a wealth of experience and provides the attention needed for your success.

For more detailed information, visit The FE Course webpage .

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