Why Get Licensed?

Benefits of Becoming an Engineer Intern (EI)

  • Distinguishes you as positive, committed and success oriented.
  • Boosts your resume - for young engineers short on experience, your credentials as an EI or PE will demonstrate your seriousness of purpose.
  • Offers you networking opportunities by putting you in closer contact with licensed professional engineers.
  • Provides you with certification that is transferable to other parts of the country.
  • Gives you a psychological advantage with people respecting you as a professional.

Advantages of a PE License

  • Employment  - Licensed employees enhance the reputation of engineering firms and become symbols of competency, professionalism, experience, and character.
  • Promotability - Getting licensed demonstrates motivation, responsibility, and success orientation. The same qualities are demanded for positions requiring individual thought, discretion and responsibility.
  • Quality Assurance - As the demand for consumer protection continues to grow, so will the demand for licensing among the engineers designing the products and processes affecting the public.
  • Global Competitiveness - Engineering projects increasingly cross national borders. Most countries require some form of professional licensing and will expect the members of the international team to be licensed in their home countries.
  • Back to Basics - Industry increasingly demands licensing to better identify qualified designers in an effort to restore quality engineering and limit product liability.