Path to Licensure - Current Senior or ABET Graduate

Create an NCEES Account  

Create an account with NCEES obtain your NCEES ID. Click here to create your account.  

Once you have your account created, you also need to register to take the exam through NCEES. The NCEES Exam fee is $225 payable to NCEES during registration.  Please note: You are not registered for the exam until you register with Continental Testing.  

Apply for Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (EI/FE)

Once you have your NCEES ID, you may apply to take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (sometimes known as the EI or EIT exam).   Click here for the Continental Testing EI application page.  Be sure to review the Engineering Intern Examination Requirements document.

In addition to the online application, applicants must submit an official school transcript from an ABET-Accredited Engineering Program verifying either graduation or current enrollment in in order to be scheduled for the exam.  Transcripts must be sent to:  Continental Testing Services, PO Box 100, LaGrange, IL  60525.  Electronic transcripts are not accepted.  The Continental Testing fee to apply for the FE Exam is $120.

Once your transcripts, applications and payment are received, you may schedule to take the actual exam.

Prepare for the FE Exam

ISPE frequently hears from long time graduates looking to go back and get licensed, HOPING that their years of experience will somehow exempt them from having to take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.  It is not possible.   Take the FE/EI as soon as you can!

The computer-based FE contains 110 multiple-choice questions; and each examinee should allow 6 hours for your exam "appointment."  At this time, the FE is offered in seven disciplines:  FE Chemical, FE Civil, FE Electrical and Computer, FE Environmental, FE Industrial, FE Mechanical, FE Other disciplines.

For a comprehensive overview of the FE Exam, what is allowed, and what to expect, check out the NCEES FE Exam Guide.  

Explore FE Review Courses.  ISPE recommends courses offered through the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers.  Check out the details here!

Apply for EI Registration

After successful completion of the FE Exam, candidates can apply for official registration as an Engineer Intern (EI) with the State of Illinois.  Applicants will use the forms for Enrolled Engineering Intern by Acceptance of Application.  The forms can be a bit confusion.  Pages 3-6 of the PDF serve as instructions for completing the actual application found on pages 17-20 of the PDF.   Important items on the Actual Application:

  • Part I  A1. Profession Name = Engineer Intern.  2. Profession Code = 061  3. Licensure Method = Acceptance of Examination  4. Fee = $20.
  • You must answer the rest of Part I, Part II, and Part III.  
  • Part IV =  List any other licenses you may have (Land Surveyor, etc)  
  • Part V = This should be the exam you just completed, and any other attempts prior to the successful passage.  
  • Part VI = Required
  • Part VII = You can skip - You have already completed the exam.
  • Parts VIII & IX = Required.