Path to Licensure

Looking to be a PE in Illinois?   Your path to licensure depends on where you are today with your education and career.  Choose one of the starting points below, and you will be on your way.

However, please note that there are two absolutes for Illinois licensure:
  1. You MUST successfully pass or have passed the Fundamentals of engineering Exam to be a PE in Illinois NO exceptions are EVER made (no matter how long you have been a practicing engineer).
  2. Bachelor of Science - Engineering Technology (even if from and ABET accredited program) is NOT a qualifying degree to become a professional engineer in Illinois, even if you have a Master's Degree in Engineering from an ABET accredited program.  If you have taken enough courses outside of your ET degree, the board may elect to consider those as "related science", however your engineering technology classes will not be considered.   

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