You Worked Hard for it. Maintain Your PE License.

License Renewal Information



What is Required?

All licensed Professional Engineers are required to obtain 30 Professional Development Hours (PDH) in each renewal period, beginning with the renewal period running from December 1, 2003 through November 30, 2005 (50 minutes of instruction = 1 PDH). The hours must be earned during the renewal period (there are no “carry over” hours from one renewal period to the next).


Who is Subject to the Requirements?

All professional engineers licensed by the State of Illinois must meet the requirements.

Exceptions include:

  • A professional engineer is not required to fulfill the PDH requirements in their first renewal period.
  • Professional engineers licensed by the State of Illinois but residing in another state may use the professional development requirements in their home state if they are substantially equivalent to those of Illinois.
  • Individuals may seek a waiver of the PDH requirements prior to the renewal deadline for undo hardships, including full time service in the Armed Forces, extreme illness, or significant physical inability to travel.


Who are the Qualified Providers?

  • Illinois Society of Professional Engineers
  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
  • Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois
  • Colleges, Universities or other Educational Institutions
  • Technical or Professional Societies or Organizations Relating to Professional Engineering (i.e. ASCiE)
  • Other Technical or Professional Societies or Organizations (including Manufacturers)


How do I Report my PDHs?

Professional Engineers will be required to certify on their renewal application that they are in compliance with the PDH requirements.

PEs are required to maintain a record of their professional development hours for a period of six years.  Recommended formats include:

  • Maintaining a record including the name & address of the provider, the hours for each program, the date and place of the program, and a certificate of attendance if available.
  • Maintaining a log of activities that includes the date and number of hours claimed as PDHs, a statement on the subject matter, printed program schedules, agendas, and/or minutes, registration receipts or other proof of participation;
  • Records of professional development hours maintained by an acceptable provider.



What Activities Qualify for How Many PDHs?




Unfortunately, the Department of Professional Regulation will not pre-certify courses as qualifying as appropriate PDHs, so use prudence when selecting your activities.

NCEES PDH Tracking Tool

Keeping all your PDHs in one place just got easier with the new tracking tool available on the NCEES website. Completely free with a MyNCEES log-in, the CPC (continuing professional competency) tracker allows you to conveniently track and report your CPC requirements.


How to Track Your CPC Courses and Requirements:

  1. Identify the state licensing board(s) for which you would like to track CPC requirements. Log into your MyNCEES account and select CPC Tracking to select the appropriate state licensing boards and enter renewal period information for each.
  2. Enter CPC course information
  3. When you complete a continuing education course, add the course information and corresponding professional development hours (PDH). Supporting documentation can be uploaded to your account and the course and PDHs will be applied to the appropriate states.
  4. Track your progress
  5. View a side-by-side comparison of the state’s requirements and your completed CPC courses.
  6. Transmit your completed CPC report
  7. Send your CPC transcript electronically to a state licensing board. Check with your state licensing board for specific requirements.
Find more information and FAQs about CPC Tracking by following this link.