Path to Licensure - Engineer Licensed in Another State

What to Know First

  • All foreign-educated graduates, please refer to the Foreign Education Section for additional information, even if licensed in another state.

  • Becoming licensed in Illinois based on licensure in another state is call "Licensure by Endorsement" in Illinois.

  • Licensure by Endorsement typically does not take more than 2-3 months, depending on how fast paper work comes in.  There is no expedited process for Licensure by Endorsement.  

  • Any engineering work being done in Illinois or in a project in Illinois must be done and/or directly supervised by an Illinois registered Professional Engineer.   

  • All companies doing engineering work in the State of Illinois must registered as a Licensed Design Firm in the State of Illinois.  (If your employee must be licensed in Illinois, your company must be registered in Illinois.)   

Apply for PE Licensure by Endorsement

Illinois grants licensure by Endorsement to professional engineers licensed in other states if the licensure process in that state was substantially equivalent to the process in Illinois at the time of licensure.  

Applicants will use the forms for Professional Engineer by Endorsement.  

The forms can be a bit confusion.  Pages 3-6 of the PDF serve as instructions for completing the actual application found on pages 17-20 of the PDF.   Pages 9-10 sums up the the requirements for Licensure - Endorsement of License.   Important items on the Actual Application:

  • Part I  A1. Profession Name = Professional Engineer.  2. Profession Code = 062  3. Licensure Method = Endorsement of License.  4. Fee = $100.
  • You must answer the rest of Part I, Part II, and Part III.  (Even if submitting a copy of your NCEES record, you MUST fill this out.)
  • Part IV =  List all licenses you may have.  
  • Part V = This should at minimum include the FE and PE exams, and any other attempts prior to the successful passage.  
  • Part VI = Required
  • Part VII = You can skip - You have already completed the exam.
  • Parts VIII & IX = Required.

You must also have a copy of your NCEES record sent directly to the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation OR complete and submit all of the other items outlined on page 10.  

Foreign educated applicants must also submit a course by course evaluation report of their foreign education credentials, and TOEFL-iBT (details outlined on page 4 of the PDF).

If your firm is coming to do work in Illinois, please continue to steps 2 & 3.

Register to do Business with the State of Illinois

Authority to transaction business in Illinois must be obtained before a firm can register as a Design Firm in Illinois - a requirement to legally do any design work in the state.  The purpose clause in the registration must include the practice of the specified profession(s) for which the design firm is seeking registration.  

Business registration in the State of Illinois is managed by the Secretary of State.   To register, go to the homepage at and click on "Business" from the homepage.    You may also try calling (217) 782-7880 or (312) 793-3380.

Register as a Design Firm in Illinois

All employers doing engineering design work in Illinois - even if based outside of Illinois - MUST register as a Design Firm.  The only exception to this rule is a sole proprietorship doing business in the EXACT name as is shown on the Illinois PE License.  In that case the sole proprietor may only offer services in which he/she is licensed.

In order to complete the design firm registration, the managing agent-in-charge of professional services must be a full-time employee, licensed in Illinois.  See the application form for further details on the required composition of the firm for design firm registration.  

Click here to access for the forms for registration as a design firm in Illinois.