Private Practice Professional Development Award

Private Practice Professional Development Award

2004 Engineering Enterprises, Inc. 
2005 Willett Hofmann&Associates
2006 Lewis, Yockey & Brown, Inc. 
2007 Farnsworth Group 
2008 Fehr-Graham & Associates 
2009 Sodemann and Associates, Inc 
2011 Oates Associates, Inc 
2013 Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LCC 
Bestowed on an employer that has made outstanding contributions to the profession through employment practices and policies.

The ISPE Private Practice Professional Development Award is presented to the nominated engineering firm that has made outstanding contributions to the advancement and improvement of the engineering profession through its employment policies and practices. The purpose of the award is to recognize those firms with the best engineering employment practices, and to encourage all firms to adopt progressive policies and practices. 
The winner may be forwarded on to NSPE for consideration for the NSPE Private Practice Professional Development Award the following year, so completion of the NSPE nomination form is required.

Criteria / Method of Selection

For purposes of this competition, a "private practice" employer is a for-profit firm or branch office of a firm, the primary function of which is to provide engineering design or consulting services for infrastructure, facilities, or processes to clients in accordance with applicable state law. Excluded would be firms that provide both design and construction services, wholly owned sub-organizations supplying design services to a single parent organization, and research and development organizations.

The size of the firm's engineering staff will not be considered by the PEPP Awards Committee in its selection.

The ISPE Honors and Awards Committee makes the selection of the recipient based on the following criteria:

20 points - Engienering Personnel / Licensure Information
10 points - Recruitment
25 points - Employment
30 points - Professional Development
15 points - Special Employment Practices
100 Total Potential Points

ISPE Nomination Format:
  • All nominations must be submitted on the official NSPE form, which can be found via this link.  
  • A 500-word statement explaining why the candidate should receive this award.
  • Letter of endorsement by two firm employees.