Mentor of the Year

Mentor of the Year

2006 Bernhard Klingenberg, PE 
2007 Duane Yockey, PE 
2008 Steve Myers, PE 
2009 George M. Hansen, PE 
2010 Robert Twardock, PE 
2011 Richard A, Baumann, PE 
2013 H. Donald Merritt Jr. PE 
2014 Brian Converse, PE 
Because ISPE recognizes the significance of experienced engineers fostering understanding and passion for the professional in young engineers and those interested in pursuing a career in engineering, this award recognizes a member for outstanding service mentoring aspiring professional engineers.   

Criteria / Method of Selection

Candidates shall be an active member of ISPE and the sponsoring chapter, and they shall have served as either a one on one mentor for two or more engineers, engaged in a formal mentoring program within his/her company, and /or participated in mentoring programs directly related to the engineering profession.   The Honors and Awards Committee may award not more than two nominees each year.  Nominations shall be in the format and order prescribed below.

ISPE Nomination Format:

Cover sheet (containing the following):
  1. Name of the Award
  2. Name of the Nominee
  3. Address of the Nominee
  4. Nomination Submitted by
  5. Submitter’s Telephone number / Email Address
  6. ISPE Chapter Submitter

Biographical Description – Provide educational and professional background, including ISPE activities and offices held.

Mentoring Activities that Qualify the Nominee for the Award 
  1. Please provide at least two individuals that the candidate is currently mentoring or has previously mentored.  Include contact information for each, a brief paragraph discussing the scope of the mentoring relationship, and ow the relationship was instigated.  
  2. Please provide information on company mentoring programs in which the candidate participated.  Include the candidate's role in the program and dates of involvement.
  3. Please provide information on mentoring programs or activities that the candidate has been involved in which are directly related to the engineering profession.  This information should include involvement in mentoring activities within professional and /or technical societies at the chapter, state or national level related to engineering.
Citation – Use a separate sheet to summarize the reason this candidate is most deserving of this award.