ISPE Joint Honors Award

Recognizes persons for outstanding cooperation between ISPE and other professional or civic organizations.  This award is not necessarily made annually, and is limited to one award per year. 

Criteria / Method of Selection

Candidates shall demonstrate collaborative efforts between the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers and other professional or civic organization to foster cooperation in promoting the Society, the practice of professional engineering or the future of the profession. The Honors and Awards Committee may award not more than one nominees each year.  Nominations shall be in the format and order prescribed below.

ISPE Nomination Format:

Cover sheet (containing the following):

Name of the Award
Name of the Nominee
Address of the Nominee
Nomination Submitted by
Submitter’s Telephone number / Email Address
ISPE Chapter Submitter

Biographical Description
– Provide educational and professional background, including collaborative activities with ISPE, and if applicable, ISPE offices held.

Letters of Recommendation
– Two letters of recommendation required from ISPE  members.

Why the Nominee is Qualified for the Award
– A separate page providing specific details of the qualification.

– Use a separate sheet to summarize the outstanding service provided.


Summary & Media Outlets

Please provide a statement of 500 words or less, which is suitable to be used in a press release that provides an overview of the nominee's achievements and summarizes why the nominee is deserving of this award.  

Please provide at least two media outlets to which a press release should be sent if the nominee is selected for this award.