Illinois Award

Previous Recipients

1931 W. W. Mathews
1932 W. B. Walraven
1933 M. B. Reynolds & A. E. Green
1934 A. C. Stanfield
1936 S. M. Wood
1937 L.C. Whittemore & N. E. Anderson
1938 J. R. Longley
1939 S. M. Wood
1941 H. E. Babbitt
1942 F. L. Osborn
1943 A. P. Greensfelder
1944 S. M. Wood
1945 Alex Van Praag, Jr.
1946 V. E. Gunlock
1947 W. E. Trover
1948 A. M. Kaindl
1949 Leo M. Spurling
1950 H. E. Babbitt
1951 C. W. Klassen
1952 George Ekblaw
1954 William Everitt
1955 F. W. Edwards
1956 A. D. Spicer
1957 C. K. Willett
1958 Thomas C. Shedd
1959 D. S. Magowan
1960 James P. Murphy
1961 Melvin E. Amstutz
1962 H. F. Sommerschield
1963 W. W. Wallace
1964 C. J. McLean
1965 George Dement
1966 C. Dale Greffe
1967 Louis A. Bacon
1968 Ralph G. Michael
1969 J. Raymond Carroll
1970 Earl Moldovan
1971 Robert A. Jewett
1972 William J. Santina
1973 William S. Gray
1975*  Walter D. Linzing
1976 Louis W. Sprandel
1977 Leonard K. Crawford
1978 Ralph M. Weaver
1979 George Farnsworth
1980 Walter E. Hanson
1981 John R. Towers
1982 Paul E. Flood
1983 Jerry S. Dobrovolny
1984 John D. Eyestone
1985 Joseph A. Schudt
1986 Harold Roffmann
1987 R. Dean Collins
1988 Robert H. Benton
1989 Allan L. Rae
1990 Robert Bergendoff
1991 Donald M. Pries
1992 Fred C. Garrott
1993 Irwin C. Smiley
1994 Richard T. Berning
1995 Leo J. Dondanville
1996 John Frauenhoffer
1997 Daniel F. Hang
1998 Dale Klohr
1999 Milton R. Sees
2000 Michael Hall
2001 Gale Jamison
2002 Kathryn Gray, PE , NSPE
2003 Zeyn Uzman, PE, SE
2004 David Oates, PE
2005 Nathan Wilcoxon, PE
2006 John Mick II, PE, F.NSPE
2007 Curtis D. Cook, PE 
2008 Keith Brandau, PE, SE
2009 Ray Schwartz, PE 
2010 Darrel Wolff, PE 
2011 Mark Wylie, PE, SE 
2012 Duane Yockey, PE 
2013 R. Todd Weegens, PE 
2014 Nathan Schwartz, PE 
2015 Sergio “Satch” Pecori, PE 
2016 Joy Rexshell, PE

Illinois Award

ISPE’s highest award given to an individual.  Presented to an engineer who has made outstanding contributions  to the engineering profession, the public welfare and /or humankind.  Must be a PE.  Will be considered for nomination to NSPE for the NSPE award.

Criteria / Method of Selection

Candidates shall be licensed engineers whose civic, professional, or technical contributions have included outstanding service to the engineering profession, to the public welfare, and/or human kind and / or whose special contributions to ISPE have been in areas of administration, communications, professional development, public relations, legislative affairs, liaison society development, or other areas promoting the social, economic, and professional interests of engineers.  Officers and directors if ISPE and NSPE are ineligible.   Nominations may be submitted by any ISPE member or chapter, and the submission must be approved by the candidate’s chapter.  The ISPE winner will be considered for nomination to NSPE for the NSPE Award.  NSPE does not limit a state society to the approval of a single candidate.

The ISPE Honors and Awards Committee makes the selection of the winner, weighing the following particulars:
  • The candidate’s professional integrity is beyond question.
  • The professional reputation is more than local in character.
  • The undertaking or services upon which the award is based are in high order.
  • There is more than an ordinary relationship between the undertaking of services and the public welfare, the military affairs of the country, and the good of humankind.
Criteria Used in Judging

10 points -  Memberships in both technical and non-technical organizations
20 points -  Service to the Profession
10 points -  Service to his/her community and for the benefit of human kind
20 points -  Honors or awards bestowed (including national awards)
10 points -  National technical, professional or non-professional offices held
15 points -  Regional, national, or international activities of unique quality
15 points -  Special national or international advisory assignments
100 Potential Points

Nomination Format

Cover Sheet including the following:
  1. Name of the Award
  2. Name of the Nominee
  3. Email Address of the Nominee
  4. Home Address of the Nominee
  5. Business Address of the Nominee
  6. Licensure Status - State(s) and License Number(s)
  7. Nomination Submitted by
  8. Submitter’s Telephone number / Email Address
  9. Submitters Chapter

Basis for Nomination
Please type on no more than 12 8.5" x 11" pages in 11-pt Arial font.  Each category below should begin on a separate page.
A. Memberships in professional, technical, and other organizations, including offices held.

This category should include current memberships in any organizations related to the Engineering Profession at the international, national, state, and local levels; Offices held
currently or in the past with such organizations should be listed along with significant achievements while in such positions.

B. Achievement and Service to the Engineering Profession.

This category will be evaluated on the basis of a broad range of achievements in both technical and organizational ways that have advanced the well-being of the global population or portions thereof. Enhancement of the reputation of the Engineering Profession with stakeholders outside the Profession, e.g. the Public, governmental entities, and the educational community, should be documented with specific examples to enhance the evaluators’ appreciation of the nominee’s worthiness.

In judging the worthiness of a nominee for this most prestigious recognition awarded by NSPE, the evaluators are looking for significant items that differentiate the nominee and reinforce the proposition that the nominee has had a long-term and significantly favorable impact on the Engineering Profession, society, and/or the global economy.

C. Service to the community and humanitarian activities, including key positions held, significant achievements for the public welfare, and other pertinent information.

This category addresses areas of achievement that are not directly related to the Engineering Profession. Include affiliations, positions held, and notable achievements with explanation of each’s significance in the particular activity.

D. Honors, awards, and other laudatory recognition from any source.

Recognition from any source that acknowledges the achievements of the nominee should be presented. Particular emphasis will be accorded such recognition on the international or national level. The reputation of the source of the honor will also be considered.

E. Special advisory assignments.

Individuals who have demonstrated highly developed technical, professional and leadership skills are frequently asked to undertake these types of special assignments. Cite the specific activity, how the nominee became involved, and the impact of the nominee’s contributions. Emphasis should be made of engagements that go beyond the borders of the United States. 

Summary & Media Outlets

Please provide a statement of 500 words or less, which is suitable to be used in a press release that provides an overview of the nominee's achievements and summarizes why the nominee is deserving of this award.  

Please provide at least two media outlets to which a press release should be sent if the nominee is selected for this award.