Honorary Membership

Honorary Members

Raymond J. Ackerman, PE
Wayne Ault, PE
Louis A. Bacon, PE
Glen Bellows, PE
Laurel D. Berger, PE
J. Raymond Carroll, PE
R. Dean Collins, PE
Eugene J. Daily, PE
Daniel C. Drucker, PE
George L. Farnsworth, PE
Edward H. Fauth, PE
James B. Meek, PE
Nathan Wilcoxon, PE
John Mathes, PE
George Sodeman, PE
H. Donald Merritt, PE
C. Dale Greffe, PE
Ralph C. Hahn, PE, SE
LeVerne D. Hudson, PE
Clair Hutchison, PE
Walter E. Hanson, PE
Roy Kastner, PE
Walter D. Linzing, PE
Earl Moldovan, PE
Joseph Piotrowicz, PE
Howard Schwark, PE
Louis W. Sprandel, PE
Torgny Westerberg, PE
Richard J. Plimpton, PE
C. Dale Greffe, PE
Russell Garrand, P.E.
Steven Hanna, PhD, PE
Leo J. Dondanville, Jr. PE
Thomas Berns, PE
Ken Wagoner, PE
Daniel Hang, PE, F.NSPE
Walter Mikucki, PE
John B. Meek, PE
Steve Shauff
Fred Antonelli, PE
Steve Shaff

Honorary Membership may be granted, in accordance with the ISPE Constitution, to a person who either has attained eminence in engineering or the related sciences or has rendered outstanding service to the engineering profession.  Because of the high honor bestowed by this award, it will usually be made in a special public ceremony or during the ISPE Annual Conference.

Criteria / Method of Selection

Nomination for Honorary Membership shall be limited to persons who either have attained eminence in the engineering profession or in related sciences or have rendered outstanding service to the engineering profession.

“Names of member candidates for Honorary Member may be proposed either by the Honors and Awards Committee of the Society or by a written petition, signed by not less than 100 voting members.  Election to the grade of Honorary Member shall require a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Board.  An Honorary Member shall be exempt from paying state and chapter dues.”  (ISPE Constitution, Article IV, Section 1.b.)  Nominations may also be proposed by ISPE chapters.

National membership dues will also be waived for those meeting the NSPE Lifetime Membership status (Age 60 years or older; 30 years membership in ISPE; Not working more than 20 hours per week.)

The Honors and Awards Committee shall recommend the candidate(s) to the ISPE Board of Directors for approval.  The number of nominees selected each year by the Honors and Awards Committee is not limited.

ISPE Nomination Format

Cover sheet containing the following:
  1. Name of the Award
  2. Name of the Nominee
  3. Address of the Nominee
  4. Nomination Submitted by
  5. Submitter’s Telephone number / Email Address
  6. ISPE Chapter Submitter
A complete resume

Additional material on separate pages to support the recommendation.