Illinois Award

Engineering Education Excellence Award

ISPE/Professional Engineers in Higher Education and its Sustaining Universities Program have established an annual award to honor an outstanding engineering educator. 

This national award recognizes an engineering faculty member who has demonstrated an ability to link engineering education with professional practice. The recipients must be licensed professional engineers and have a faculty appointment in an ABET/EAC accredited engineering program at the time of application. This award is for ISPE members only. 

The recipient of the award will be recognized on the ISPE website and will receive a cash prize of $5,000. 

The EAC implemented the criteria and processes for accreditation of engineering education known as EC-2000. The programs that receive accreditation under EC-2000 must demonstrate they have prepared graduates to become practicing engineers. The National Academy of Engineering’s report on educating the engineer of 2020 also calls for graduates to be equipped with strong technical and professional skills to practice in today’s global economy. The PEHE/SUP Engineering Education Excellence Award has been developed to be supportive of these efforts and will recognize faculty who are working to introduce students to professional practice. 

At this time, not all engineering educators are licensed professional engineers. In accordance with ISPE’s Mission, we believe the Engineering Education Excellence Award is a vehicle that advocates licensure and promotes the competent and ethical practice of engineering among this group. We encourage all engineering faculty to become licensed. 


Email completed nomination materials to ISPE at

Nomination Format:

Candidate Information 

Candidate’s Employment Information 

Please attach a curriculum vitae and a summary (5 page maximum) of the candidate’s achievements with particular emphasis on how the practice of engineering was linked to engineering education and the impact on teaching. Areas of achievement such as effectiveness as an instructor, professional society activities, awards and honors, and activities outside the institution should all be described. The curriculum vitae is not counted in the five page maximum. 

Executive Summary
Please provide a statement of 350 words or less supporting the candidate’s nomination. 

Four letters of endorsement must accompany all nominations. Endorsement letters should be from any combination of former/current students, faculty peers (not necessarily from the same institution as applicant), or applicant’s department chair (or equivalent). 


For publicity purposes, list two or more local publications and any trade journals you would like to be notified, should you win the award. 

Selection Criteria include: 
Effectiveness in teaching his/her own classes 
Effectiveness linking practice to engineering education 
Innovative ways to link practice to engineering education 
Impact on education outside of her/his own classes including publication and dissemination activities 
Activities in professional societies 

Email Nomination Materials to:

Summary & Media Outlets

Please provide a statement of 500 words or less, which is suitable to be used in a press release that provides an overview of the nominee's achievements and summarizes why the nominee is deserving of this award.  

Please provide at least two media outlets to which a press release should be sent if the nominee is selected for this award.