Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award

1965 C. K. Willett, PE
1975 R. Dean Collins, PE
1978 Leo J. Dondanville, Jr., PE
1980 C. Dale Greffe, PE
1981 Edward A. Cousins, PE
1982 Donald M. Pries, PE
1983 Louis W. Sprandel, PE
1984 Harris Chien, PE
1985 Fred Garrott, PE
1986 Jerry S. Dobrovolney, PE
John Donnelly, Jr., PE
1987 Edward Fauth, PE
1988 Joseph P. Piotrowicz, PE
1989 Debra Wright, PE
1993 Sanger Westphal, PE
1995 M. Gregory Goldbogen, PE
1996 Lionel Gomberg, PE
1997 David Oates, PE
1998 John Frauenhoffer, PE, SE
2000 Robert Leslie, PE
2001 William Krueger, PE
2002 Dean David Daniel, PE
2003 Ray Schwartz, PE
2004 Douglas B. Curry, PE
2005 Larry E. Reed, PE
2006 George Hansen, PE
2007 John Meeks, PE
2008 Donald Rutledge, PE
2009 Richard Suhadolc, PE
2010 Duane Yockey, PE
2012 Mark Wylie, PE, SE
2014 Donald L. Adams
Recognizes ISPE members for their exceptional technical contributions to the engineering profession, for their contributions to their communities and to ISPE.  The winner will be considered for nomination for the NSPE Distinguished Service Award.

Criteria / Method of Selection
Persons holding the NSPE membership grade of Member, Life, or Privileged Member, in good standing are eligible for selection.  Candidates may be nominated by the Honors and Awards Committee, the Board of Directors, ISPE chapters and/or Committee Chairs. Two nominees may be selected each year by the Honors and Awards Committee.

The Honors and Awards Committee reserves the right to consider nominees for other award categories if deemed appropriate by the committee and if applications are accompanied by the requite endorsements.  It is suggested, but not required, that nominees obtain requisite endorsements from other states to provide the NSPE committee the maximum level of flexibility during its deliberations.  

The ISPE Honors and Awards Committee makes the selection of the recipient based on the following criteria:

10 points - Memberships in both technical and non-technical organizations
30 points - Service to the profession
10 points - Service to his/her community and for the benefit of humankind
20 points - Honors or awards bestowed (technical, professional, governmental, educational and civic)
30 points - National technical, professional, or non-professional offices held
100 Total Potential Points

ISPE Nomination Format:
Nominations must be made on the NSPE Form which can be found here.

A 500-word statement explaining why the candidate should receive this award.

If the nomination is also intended for recognition at the national level, to establish the national reputation of the candidates, each nomination must include endorsement letters from two NSPE-affiliated state societies.   These letters should also detail the merits of the candidate.