ISPE Enterprise Membership

About the Enterprise Program

ISPE Enterprise Membership is available to any organization with five or more employees choosing ISPE membership.

With the Enterprise Membership Program, the organization and employees receive a wide range of benefits, including:
  • 10% reduction in member dues (over $25 per member employee per year with full membership)
  • Single dues invoice and single renewal date to assist in ease of renewing
  • Ability to renew all employees online – NEW for 2017
  • Your choice of annual “Bonus Benefit” (options vary from year to year) 
  • Valuable training for employed engineers
  • Opportunities for individual and firm awards, recognition and honors
  • A voice in shaping the future of engineering
  • Special enterprise rates on member products and services
Enterprise Membership Fee?  NOTHING!  Organizations simply need to have five or more ISPE members.

Getting started is easy....

  1. Contact Suzanne at ISPE (217) 544-7424.
  2. Review the list of members and non-members we have associated with your organization.
  3. Once the complete list of your organization Enterprise Employees becomes finalized, receive a pro-rated invoice for the first year.
  4. Designate a primary contact you would like to receive official Enterprise Membership Communications.
  5. Once the invoice is paid, choose your "Bonus Benefit" for the year.

Group Membership Renewal

Renewal Your Members at Once with ISPE Group Renewal

If you are the primary contact for your Company's Enterprise Membership (or otherwise the office manager or keeper of the credit card), you can renew several company members' dues and pay with a credit card in one transaction.  This video walks you through the process.

Please contact the ISPE headquarters at 217-544-7424 to inquire about gaining permissions to manage your company's memberships.

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Through leadership roles in the St. Clair Chater and on state committees, our younger employees gain valuable leadership experience we see reflected in their work product for our clients. Bruce Schopp, PE, SE - Oates Associates

Having only one bill to pay got me in the door for Enterprise Membership. But now our employees have become more involved in their local chapters, are making connections across the state, and we have seen a resulting commitment to growing both the industry and their own individual professionalism.” Todd Weegens – Fehr Graham Associates