Exam Review

You made the investment in your education, and are looking to take the FE or PE Exam.  Get ahead of the game with good preparation. 

Licensing exams are major exams.   Applicants should not expect to cram and do well.   Applicants are encouraged to take their time, develop a study plan.  

The Illinois Society of Professional Engineers no longer conducts our own exam review courses.  However, we do recommend the review programs developed and offered by the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers.  MnSPE courses for the PE and FE exams come highly recommended.

To learn more about their course offerings, visit the MnSPE site, email MnSPE or call 651-457-2347.

PE Exam Prep Tips

  • Review the State References, Materials and Procedures for the Illinois Professional Engineering Examinations guide to know what to expect on exam day and what materials you can bring into the facility.  

  • Purchase Exam Review Materials. Based on what is permitted in the exam, purchase your review materials.    

  • Take a pre-test to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Pre-tests are available for purchase directly through NCEES, and from various vendors such as Professional Publications Inc. and Kaplan.

  • Do as many sample questions as possible. From the practice tests to such things as the an Exam Cafe offered by PPI, the more questions you do, the more prepared you will be.  

  • Look for a Review Course - but remember:  These are REVIEWS - not a reprise of your undergraduate work.